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Commercial Photography

Vermeer Australia commissioned us to photograph one of the largest machines in their range - the R600HC Reclaimer. Photography of the machine has allowed Vermeer to produce localised marketing collateral for the oil and gas industry. To the layman the images of this machine may fall short of exciting, but compelling photographic evidence of the machine doing exactly what it is designed to do - under Australian conditions - has provided invaluable material for Vermeer sales and marketing teams.


What's more compelling that photography? Video! And for the Vermeer sales and marketing team, presenting video content that demonstrates the capabilities of the R600HC Reclaimer (which is probably worth more than your house) has proven to be the most effective marketing tool.

Vermeer Australia
We've commissioned Sticky Digital to photograph our machines across QLD, NSW & VIC. The imagery and video we've been provided has allowed us to refresh and localise our marketing collateral with content that is vibrant, professional, and clearly illustrates the effectiveness of Vermeer technology to potential customers.Steve, Vermeer Australia